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Long term Rental Cars and Operating Lease

Services included, Fix monthly lease


Maintenance, Repairs & ITP;
TPL and CASCO insurance;
Tyres Management;

Maintenance, Repairs & ITP:

The monthly rent includes all maintenance, technical repairs and any other repairs required during the long term rental contract in authorized service units and original parts. During the repair, even for small repairs with a two hours duration  you will receive a replacement car to continue your activity.

Periodic Technical Inspections (ITP) as provided in the law, at maximum 2 years, as well as recommended repairs on them and replacement of the legal kit at the expiry date (medical kit and extinguisher).

TPL and CASCO insurance:

The insurance policies, TPL and CASCO are performed and renewed by AMS. The cost of the insurance is fixed for the entire duration of the long term rental contract, the price increases made by the insurers, the malus clause or the loss rate not affecting the monthly rate.

TPL insurance has the limit of compensation imposed by the legislation in force (6,070,000 Euro for bodily injury and 1,220,000 Euro for material damage). Full CASCO, with or without Franchise.

Tyres Management:

Including an unlimited number of PREMIUM tires (Dunlop, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental or Bridgestone) in accordance with applicable legislation, fitting, wheel balancing, tire storage extra-season.

We will take care of replacing the tires and during the exchange you will receive a replacement car.


Accident Management;
Road Assistance;
Replacement vehicle;

Accident Management:

In case of damage or accident, we will advise you to report the accident to the police or the insurer (it is the legal duty of the driver), then we take care of the vehicle repairs,  for the entire duration of the repairs you will benefit from a replacement car without costs.

Road Assistance:

When you experience a technical malfunction or accident the roadside assistance service will provide a replacement vehicle and towing your vehicle to the nearest authorized  unit service.

Replacement vehicle:

Whenever your car is unavailable, whether it's a long-term repair (damage, no spare parts on stock, etc.) or a few hours repair (seasonal tires, periodic inspection), you will receive a replacement car to continue your business. The service is included in the rate and does not generate additional costs.


Fuel Management;


Dor to door services;

Fuel Management:

We provide each user with a fuel card that can be used in the largest network of fuel stations in Romania - Petrom OMV and the fuel price is reinvoiced at the end of the month with the monthly rent for long-term rent. Also, checking invoice accuracy and usage reports will be sent monthly.


We are dealing with the registration of the car, all necessary interventions to financial administration, treasury, police, RAR at the beginning of the contract (registration) and at the end of the contract (deregistration). The related costs are included in the long-term rental rate and are fixed.

Door to door services:

Whenever it is necessary to drive the vehicle for maintenance, periodical mandatory verification (ITP), tire change, accident repair and so on, an AMS agent will take the car from the user and drive it to the service unit. Are excluded from this service the following services: vehicle washing, fuelling, tire pressure testing, damage reporting to the police station and / or the insurer.


Contract Management;

Fines Management;

Dedicated personnel.

Contract Management:

Changes occur during the long-term lease; change of the period or mileage, the ordering of a car is part of the contract management service along with fleet mileage monitoring, repairs, reports for efficient use of a car fleet.

Fleet analysis, car fleet policy, fleet diagnosis, user training.

Fines Management:

Fines for speeding or for parking are time consuming, energy and money. For any fine, we are dealing with the driver and sending the documents to the competent authorities or, if necessary, we will pay the fine. The cost of the fine will be re-invoiced to the customer or the driver directly. The fine management service is free of charge for all customers who rent cars from AMS.

Dedicated personnel:

Effective communication is the basis of a quality service; that why every user has assigned a contact person for any request during the duration of the rental contract, whether it is a power of attorney to leave the country by car, replacement of tires or regular maintenance the AMS staff allocated to the user for the entire duration of the long-term lease.

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The monthly installment is fixed during the contract period and does not change in case of fluctuation of taxes, CASCO damage loss ratio, fluctuation of TPL insurance, bonus / malus or other costs that may occur during the Long Term Rental Contract; This risk being taken over by AMS. You can Predict and Budget very easily and accurately all the costs of your fleet. Also, the time spent on managing the car fleet will disappear from your agenda or your colleagues agenda, making room for activities really important to you and your business.


Advantages for your business:

  • You pay only the use of the car and the services included not the entire value of the car
  • Reduced financial effort since the start of the contract
  • Fixed rent all the time
  • Costly and predictable costs
  • Reducing the Cash-flow pressure
  • Full tax deductibility (100%) of the rent
  • Reducing the company's indebtedness (motor vehicles are not recorded in the accounting only the rate)
  • Use of the company's financial capital for the main purpose of the business
  • Increasing competitiveness by focusing the entire energy on the main object of activity
  • Reducing the total cost of the fleet
  • Reducing risks and fluctuations with fleet costs
  • Employes motivation through the use of new cars
  • Safety and comfort
  • Positive image of the company.