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 Terms and conditions AMS Rent a Car

Rental agreement Terms and conditions - Annex 3


1.General conditions - The vehicle is rented in accordance with the terms and conditions of lease. To use in good conditions the services offered by AMS Rent a Car is recommended to carefully read the Terms and Conditions and the Lease Contract together with its annexes and confirm his acceptance by signing the Lease Conrtact upon delivery. is administered by AMS Rent a Car Romania, with the  headquarter in Popesti-Leordeni, Ilfov, Romania, registered at the Trade Register under number J23 / 1624/2012, hereinafter AMS rent a car.

We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions and any changes to the site without notice.

2.The obligations of the user / driver - To buy from AMS Rent a Car, you must enter / communicate your real data, accurate, current and complete information about yourself. Beneficiary / driver must have valid driving license, ID / Passport and Visa or Mastercard credit card. In case we consider that this obligation has been violated, we reserve the right to block access to use the service without any prior notice

3.Privacy - In accordance with Romanian Law no.677 / 200, you have the following rights:

1) The right to information (Article 12)

2) The right to access to information (article 13)

3) Right to Intervention (Article 14)

a) correction, updating, blocking or deleting incomplete, inaccurate or unlawful processing data;

b)unlawful personal data transformation in anonymous data;

c) notification to thirds on transactions referred to in subparagraph a) and b).

4) The right to opposition (Article 15)

5) The right to go to court (Article 18)

6) The right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority (Article 25).

 The customer / user expressly agrees and expressly consents to the use of the copy of the identity card (passport), driving license and credit card by

4. Responsibilities - AMS Rent a Car can not be held responsible for any damage incurred by the use of products for purposes other than those specified by the manufacturer. Returning products can be made in accordance with the provisions of GO 34/2014.

5. Reservations - Reservations are confirmed only for a car class, not for a specific type / model of vehicle. Some types / car models may not be available.  In order for a booking to be confirmed, it is necessary to pay an advance of at least 30%.

6. Change reservation - Guaranteed price refers to the details of the car class and delivery dates. Any change may affect the price (if modified car class or period) and / or vehicle availability.

7. Price - The price includes any applicable discount online. Prices are in euros, TVA included, being used the RON-EUR course published by the National Bank of Romania in the invoice date + 1.5%.

8. Drivers, age and driving license - The rented vehicle can be drove by up to 3 drivers with the condition that their data is mentioned in the lease and their license and copy of the ID is available to the AMS Rent a Car, drivers have the same responsibilities. To rent a vehicle beneficiary must hold a valid driving license for at least 1 year old. If the driving license of the renter is not written in Latin characters,  it is required an international driving license.

We do not accept a copy of the driver's license, proof of traffic or driving license expired.

9. The method of payment accepted - The charge is paid in full before delivery. You can pay Card, Cash, Bank transfer and for the locking deposit / guarantee you must have a valid credit card. Whatever the means of payment used, AMS rent a car reserves the right to make any necessary checks and approve or refuse to rent. The renting price is calculated in euros. Any payment made in other convertible currencies is calculated based on the current exchange rate BNR + 1.5%.

10. Documents to over the car - ID or passport, valid driver license. valid credit card Visa or Mastercard are able cover the cost of the guarantee and depending on the method of payment chosen and the cost of rent. If there is need for further checks, other documents may be requested

Debit cards or prepaid cards  are not accepted

11. Crossing the border - Border crossing is allowed with the following conditions:

-is requaiered the written consent of AMS Rent a Car and empowerment to leave the country;

-is accepted to border in Europe, the mainland (no islands), except for Ukraine, Moldova, Russia and any island except the United Kindom;

-the deposit value  is double and it is locked on the credit card;

-you can not access extra insurance products to decrease the deposit (SCDW or SSCDW);

-mileage is limited to 300km / day, additional kilometers will be charged with 0.1 EURO / km;

-in case of malfunction beneficiary will return the vehicle in the country on his own cost;

-in case of accident is the responsibility of the client / driver to inform about the legislation of the country in which the event took place and go through all the legal steps for resolution and bear all costs not covered by the insurance policy;

-the rate per day used is the rate from 1-3 days regardless of the number of rental days;

-fees for obtaining the necessary documents to leave the country are to be done by the beneficiary;

-minimum period 4 days.


12. Rental rates - Rates include auto maintenance, liability insurance, road tax (vignette), tires according to the season.

Prices do not include fuel, fines, tolls or bridge.

Damage and theft of the vehicle are paid by the beneficiary, within a maximum amount - CDW.

The minimum duration is 24 hours. Range of 1 hour over 24 hours is free of charge. If the vehicle is returned later with more than 1 hour from the time of delivery, will be charged an extra day.

13. Traffic Fines - All fines resulting from any violation of laws in Romania during the rental period are borne solely by the Beneficiary. At authorities' request, the supplier shall provide them with copies of the documents driver.

14. Mileage - the mileage of your vehicle is unlimited for rentals longer than 3 days, and for periods of up to 3 days it is allowed a mileage of 150km / day, km extra is charged in addition with a value between 0.06 EURO / km and maximum 0.1 EURO / km

15. Additional charges

Lost key: maximum 200EURO

Lost car documents: maximum 100 EURO / document

Loss / damage of the registration plates: maximum 70EURO

Excessive dirt in the car or stained upholstery: maximum 70EURO

Missing fuel - maximum 120EURO - depending on the amount of missing fuel

Damage or other situations where the vehicle was not returned in the same condition - depending on the cost of bringing the car to its original state when it was supplied

The amounts can be stopped from the deposit.


16. Additional services - When you book your vehicle, please inform us about the extra facilities and services you desire. For your comfort and security, we provide the following equipment and services for an additional fee:

Child seat: 5 Euro / day

GPS mobile navigation system: 5 Euro / day

Snow chains: 5 Euro / day

Additional trunk: 25.00 EURO / day

Ski support: 25.00 EURO / day

Driver 8h / day: 35EURO / day / 8h

Delivery / return at the Airport: 15E / intervention

Delivery / return outside office hours: 15E / intervention

Mobile Phone: 20E / rent

Internet: 20E / rent

Return empty tank: maximum 120 E, depending on the vehicle model it will be communicated to you at the moment of the rent

Return in another city than the one of the delivery (relocation fee): - Maximum 300E, according to the city and town the  return delivery cost is calculated as follows: No km multiplied by 0,3E / km

Delivery / Returns - see details in art. Delivery and return of the vehicle.

17. Rent out of office hours - AMS Rent a car is available 24/24 both for reservations, advice or delivery / return, but the normal work schedule is Monday through Friday 9:00 to 6:00 p.m.. In case you retrive or return the car outside office hours or bank holliday you will be charged a fee of 15.00 EUR.

18. Vehicle delivery and return  - Delivery and return requests must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance. Details of ID (passport, driving license) and other details necessary for the lease have to be provided when booking.

Cities with delivery/return free of charge in 3-6 hours from the time of order: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca

For rentals with a period of up to three days and return delivery is done only at the agency AMS Rent a Car.

At delivery, AMS provides the cars with full fuel tank. Please fill the tank before returning the vehicle. Otherwise, the missing fuel will be charged. As long as he does not fill the tank himself, the Recipient recognizes the calculation methods used by AMS Rent a Car to determine the amount of fuel consumed.

Also, the Beneficiary can choose from the beginning of the rental to return the vehicle with the empty tank by paying in advance a full amount of fuel.

If the Beneficiary returns the rented car earlier than the established contractual period (unilateral renunciation of the contract), the Beneficiary understands that the decision belongs to it and will not receive the consideration of the unused services. For these cases AMS will provide the Beneficiary  similar services (no days, car class) for free at the following rentals.

19. Insurance - The beneficiary chooses the signing of the contract for one of the following insurances: CDW (included in price), SCDW or SSCDW.

Beneficiary / authorized driver is covered by civil liability in case of an accident.

Beneficiary / authorized driver may be liable under law for damage that can not be covered by RCA

The user is responsible for damage or theft of the vehicle within the limits of a maximum amount (CDW, TP, SCDW or SSCDW).


20. Decrease responsibility in case damage (CDW, SCDW or SSCDW) - In case of accident / damage / theft / vandalism consideration CDW or TP deductible is deducted from the deposit / guarantee regardless of fault

SCDW is an additional insurance that reduces deposit / guarantee and default value of 150 EURO.

The beneficiary has the option before delivery (SCDW) paying an additional fee per day, depending on the vehicle model chosen.

In case of accident / damage / theft / vandalism consideration franchise SCDW is deducted from the deposit / guarantee regardless of fault



Even if the insurance CDW, SCDW or SSCDW has been accepted or not, the beneficiary is responsible for paying the full cost of remedying the damage if it was caused by:

-driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol;

-if the driver did not stop after an accident and did not take necessary measures, that is not calling the police, did not find out the names and addresses of the parties and witnesses involved;

-Use in illicit / illegal purposes such as smuggling, theft, illegal transportation of articles or goods etc .;

-Driving load exceeded

-Driving by unauthorized persons, or no driving license or under 18

-Driving outside public roads, in the mountains etc .;

-Use of the vehicle for any type of racing or competition, including as a pacemaker in the race

-Failure: traffic lights, indicator STOP, the speed limit entry to the counter, driving the opposite direction on one-way roads;

-accident product at a level crossing Railroad

-Damage to the engine, wheels, tires and interior space of the vehicle underbody of the vehicle.

-Damage produced as a result of entering the vehicle in flooded areas

-Part of the damage which has increased as a result of taking no measures to limit it.

-Other cases which are set out in Annex 1 to the rental agreement - the list of exclusions insurance CASCO


21. Theft Protection (TP)

TP accepted offers protection in case of loss or damage vehicle by or following theft or attempted theft.

Please note that in the unfortunate event of an accident or theft, to the nearest police station has to be announced and you have to obtain a report of the accident / theft

Amicable forms are not accepted.

In the event of theft of the vehicle you must submit to the insurer within 24 hours the keys, remotes and registration certificate of the vehicle.

Conditions CDW, SCDW, TP SSCDW and are applicable only if it shows the minutes drawn up by police, report finding opens the accident and the claim file to the insurance company.

Otherwise, the beneficiary will be responsible even if there are CDW, SCDW, TP and SSCDW accepted for all damage caused to the vehicle. CDW, SCDW, TP and SSCDW  are valid only in Romania.

Providing insurance for driving outside Romania is subject to the special conditions and charges.

Additional coverage does not include damage to the vehicle or engine damage that is not the direct result of a traffic accident.

Without CDW , SCDW, SSCDW and TP, or in case of exclusion, the Beneficiary has liability amounting to 15,000.00 euro for class Economy, 20,000.00 EURO for classes Compact and SUV-Economy;  40,000.00 Euro for classes Full Size, Premium, Minibus.




Car examples

Price EUR CDW per event

Price EUR, per day, for  SCDW 150/150

Price EUR, per day, for  SSCDW 0/150



DC Logan,






SK Octavia, VW Golf, TO Corolla





Full Size

VW Passat, FO Mondeo






AU A4, BMW 3 serie





Suv Economy

DC Duster






RE Traffic, OP Vivaro






22. Personal accident insurance - Providing people and their property from car comply with TPL insurance.

Insurance does not cover loss, theft or destruction of property belonging to the Beneficiary or of his companions, present in the vehicle.


23. Road Assistance - is provided 24/24, in case of breakdown call assistance phone: 0744 500 909.

24. VAT - included.

25. Litigation - By working with AMS rent a car , Beneficiary acknowledges the fact that the Romanian laws will govern these Terms and Conditions. In the event of conflict it will try to resolve them amicably. If amicable settlement will not be possible, the conflict will be settled in the competent court in accordance with Romanian laws.

26. Promotions - For Promotions, the special conditions will be detailed on each page at the description of the vehicle.




Fees and terms and conditions mentioned above can be changed without notice - When you take your vehicle, please read the terms and conditions of the rental contract and all annexes


Car Rental Contract

Annex 1 - Exclusions CASCO Insurance

Annex 3-Terms and Conditions

Annex 4 - User Guide



Average consumption - 4,9 (l/100km)
from 27.37 EUR/day
VAT included

more details



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